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Anthesteria - "Eis" Kryptogen Rundfunk - "Liquid Circuits" Creation VI & Uhushuhu - "Δ" Closing The Eternity - "Forever and a Day" REUTOFF "No One's Lullabies" BARDOSENETICCUBE & SHINKIRO "Inner and Outer Space" GITANE DEMONE QUARTET "Past The Sun" ECHO WEST - Pagan City Ghosts

Outofsight - "Vodka Likes Smoke"
Poor alcohol and smoky interior of a pub. The common despair shouted out in rare moments of sobriety. The terrible, absurd atmosphere of Poland in 50’s and 60’s of last century. Young people, poets, writers, painters and musicians thrown out of „happy and ideal” society created by communistic authorities.
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Castle Party 2007
From tomorrow 27.07.2007 till Monday next week 30.07.2007 we are on Castle Party, Bolkow with our merchandise. We will answer for all e-mails and orders next week. Have a nice weekend, but if you're in Bolkow too, just don't hesitate to visit us :-)
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Aethere - "The Long & Dark Tea - Time of the Soul"
Third full lenght album in 3 years from Aethere. Emanuale Ratti, a man behind Aethere have started to compose music already few years ago, trying to mix '70s space music with dark ambient in the vein of early Cold Meat Industry. Now Aethere has arrived with a perfect balance of old space music and ambient in the classic vein of Robert Rich & Alio Die, with a strong tones of oppressive & depressive feelings, rather far from old Cold Meat school influences. 6 tracks, 50 minutes, CD in digipack.
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Inner Vision Laboratory - "Insane Reality"
Insane Reality is a vision of 21st Century. It's a cynical story about man, ideals, egoism, sick competition and destroying power of society. Reflection about passing by, daily routine and lost beauty. This album is just attempt to induce thinking about all these things. Pure and raw, like a document, no judgements, no comments. 9 tracks, 61 minutes, CD in digipack.
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Atum Records
We'd like to inform, that we have signed an agreement about exclusive distribution of Atum Records releases. We start with two interesting CDs - HOT RAIN - "Crown of Emotions" i SONICTUNE - "Tales of the night"
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