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LEGER DES HEILS – "Imperium" Nordvargr - "The Secret Barbarous Names" IKON - "Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends" (European Version) Psychic TV - "Kondole / Dead Cat" Analfabetism - "Skammen" K.S.K.N.P. - "Death Instruktions" Colossloth - "Heathen Needles" SIEBEN - "Each Divine Spark"

Hot Rain - "Rights of Love" Atum Records CD 2008
The debut album 'Rights of love' from electro / futurepop group Hot Rain is out now! Music was described by reviewers as Covenant with female vocals. The band took inspirations among others from Covenant, VNV Nation, Mesh, De/Vision, Assemblage 23, Faithless or Kraftwerk. It's almost an hour of energetic, modern and romantic music. The album was released by Atum Records. German premiere was on 8th March 2008. All material was recorded at Electronic Communication Studio. Final mastering was made by Brian Hazard (Iris, De/Vision) at his Resonance Mastering Studio - USA. The artwork was designed by Michal Karcz - the author of artwork for VNV Nation album 'Judgement'.
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Kalinkaland Records distributed by Rage In Eden
We are pleased to inform you that Rage In Eden Records is distributing Kalinkaland Records - the excellent newest Arcana album - "Raspail" ( release date 29.02.2008 ) as well as long-awaited Chandeen's masterpiece - "Teenage Poetry" ( release date 28.03.2008 ) and many others Kalinkaland releases will be available through Rage In Eden mailorder. You're welcome to place your orders.
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Cold Fusion and Rukkanor - "Silk Road"
The Silk Road is a series of trade and cultural transmission routes connecting East and West by linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads and urban dwellers from China to the Mediterranean Sea during various periods of time.Many artistic influences transited along the Silk Road, especially through the CentralAsia, where Hellenistic, Iranian, Indian and Chinese influence were able to intermix."Silk Road" - a split of Cold Fusion and Rukkanor is a road album, connecting past with present, East and West, classical oriental melodies with modern arrangements. 9 tracks, 43 minutes, CD in digipack. Limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies.
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[haven] - "A2982" digipack CD 2008
42 minutes 05 seconds. This is the duration of the album. It will communicate any meter of time. Let us not however be deluded by the spells of this sorcerer; because the first sounds overturn its acknowledged and safe definition and begin construction of different,weirder spaces. This is the last chance to resign and turn back. Otheriwse, when you listen to the end of first track the only thihg left to say is "Toto, I have an impression that we're not in Kansas". You begin your own, separate (and the longest?) journey. What do you see on your way? What unknown ladns, traditions, incomprehesible rituals and dialects will you discover? I do not know. But I am sure that if David Lynch will ever undertake the filming of "Alice in the Wonderland" the soundtrack of the movie will be filled with the music from this particular album."Victoire Vrist "Le Figuro". 10 tracks, 42 minutes, CD in digipack.

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Cyclotimia - "Algorithms"
Moscow duo Cyclotimia is one of the best recognized, well-known Russian projects in the electronic scene today. On "Algorithms" album Cyclotimia presents apocalyptic version of electronic music, dark ambient sounds supported by bouncing electronic rhythms, religious samples and different effects, all blended in that way which makes this album very intriguing. Cyclotimia's trademark sound proceeds from using a mix of the modern synthesis technologies and cult vintage analog / Soviet machines. For all who listen into Ulver, Holon or Forma Tadre. 11 tracks, 52 minutes, 3 panel glossy digipack.
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