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Anthesteria - "Eis" Kryptogen Rundfunk - "Liquid Circuits" Creation VI & Uhushuhu - "Δ" Closing The Eternity - "Forever and a Day" REUTOFF "No One's Lullabies" BARDOSENETICCUBE & SHINKIRO "Inner and Outer Space" GITANE DEMONE QUARTET "Past The Sun" ECHO WEST - Pagan City Ghosts

Rauhnacht Festival - Cave Club Salzburg
We are very pleased to announce a Rauhnacht Festival, Cave Club Salzburg 20-21.12.2007
Two days festival will feature performances by:

Thursday, December 20th
Black Metal Nacht

Shining (S)
Hellsaw (A)
Skitlv (S)
Obscure Anachronism (A)

Friday, December 21st
Death Ambient/ Alpin Folk / Martial / Neo Folk / Neoclassic

Raison d'Etre (s)
Sturmpercht (A)
Rome (D)
Seelenthorn (D)
Cold Fusion / Rukkanor perform Across The Rubicon (PL)
Die Weisse Rose (DL)
Svarrogh (BG/D)
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Scontrum act VII
Scontrum act VII - A Challenge of Honour / Praetorio / Un Defi d'Honneur.
War Office Propaganda CDr 2007 profi CDR in wooden covers; lim. 369 copies, handnumbered
The seventh part of Scontrum serie with nine tracks, 46 minutes of music from three well known acts. The theme and artwork is based on Great War (WWI). To keep the same spirit as previous parts, Scontrum is the only release made on CDR and marked by War Office Propaganda, as will be next parts until the last one. Handmade and handnumbered wooden covers.
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The Well Of Sadness - "In Our Last Times"
The next full-lenght album from Italian The Well Of Sadness headed by Daniele Giustra, with even more mature and excellent sounds than on "I'm Uprooted From It". Twelve neofolk / neoclassical / dark orchestral songs create unique atmosphere, so specific for The Well Of Sadness. Highly recommended!
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Rukkanor - "Deora"
This title needs no special introduction. In answer to huge demand after sold out first edition, here comes the reprint of this critically acclaimed album, with new artwork made by Michal Karcz. An original mix of styles and cultures. Oriental melodies and rhythms, live percussions and synthetic beats, ethereal sounds and electromilitary marches, gregorian and muezzin chants, symphonic and jazzy instruments. Electrocrusade back again!
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Across the Rubicon
'Across the Rubicon' is a martial industrial act of Marcin Bachtiak ( Cold Fusion ) and Robert Marciniak ( Rukkanor ). While both our solo projects - Cold Fusion and Rukkanor evolve and open new spaces in our musical activity, ATR has been established to keep alive our fascination of martial industrial sounds. Currently we are working on first full-lenght album, which is expected in very beginning of 2008. Now enjoy our first demo tracks on myspace.
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