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Anthesteria - "Eis" Kryptogen Rundfunk - "Liquid Circuits" Creation VI & Uhushuhu - "Δ" Closing The Eternity - "Forever and a Day" REUTOFF "No One's Lullabies" BARDOSENETICCUBE & SHINKIRO "Inner and Outer Space" GITANE DEMONE QUARTET "Past The Sun" ECHO WEST - Pagan City Ghosts

In this short newsletter we'd like to inform you that we have just started to distribute interesting titles from many different labels. The full list you can download here ( DISTRO ).. All prices on request, send your inquiry - we will answer pretty fast.
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Compulsive Shopping Disorder - "In The Cube"
Bold and original arrangements, dense and oppresive electronic sounds, aggressive industrial phrases, melancholic melodies and cold, impassive voice. Where the darkness and music become to one, COMPULSIVE SHOPPING DISORDER is alone with you. So at last there is a chance to slow down, stay for a while, look at the mirror and open themselves. Touching your own weaknesses you get back your sensitivity, lost in depression of life.
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Infestation - "Bastion Intouchable"
INFESTATION is the martial industrial act of Louis Carrier. The act is best defined by its burning orchestral textures and its violent percussions that give rhythm and life to combative vocal clamours. Evoking subjects concerning the fight for subsistence of cultural heritage, the project covers the unending determination of the minority French-speaking people of Québec that survives through centuries of assimilation and gives the clear indication that struggling is never vain.
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Cold Fusion and Rukkanor - "Wunderwaffe"
The 5th anniversary of War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden we'd like to celebrate with our classic re-edition. Critically acclaimed martial industrial split "Wunderwaffe" of Cold Fusion and Rukkanor, after first versions V-1 and V-2, this time comes as a V-3 weapon - third (and definitely last) time. Album contains two unpublished bonus tracks, both from "Wunderwaffe" session, and original, conceptual artwork made by Michal Karcz. Total time 42 minutes, 8 tracks in digipack. Limited to 500 copies.   
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Rage in Eden is moving to new server
Currently we are moving to new server, it can cause temporary problems with availability to our shop Sorry for the inconvenience!
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