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Kristian Olsson – Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag We Promise To Betray ‎– "Nothing Is As It Seems" Vetropaco ‎– "Vetropaco" Twist Of Fate ‎– "September Winds" AREA BOMBARDMENT – Republic Militia ‎– "Følk XII" Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– "Digression" Antikatechon ‎– Privilegium Martyrii

Osoka - "Caustic Smoke"
Rage In Eden Records presents the debut album of Russian experimental rock group Osoka, based in Rostov-on-Don.Their sound draws from influences ranging from sludge and doom metal, with stoner rock background to dark ambient and industrial music on the other pole. It can be referred to post-rock, post-metal. The band inspirations are Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Isis, Meatjack, Khanate, Nadja, Sunn O))), Halo. "Caustic Smoke" is one expanded track, 45 minutes long, slow, repetitive and crushing, with heavy sections of distorted guitars often interspersed with dark ambient and industrial interludes. CD in 3 doublesided panel digipack with artwork by Michal Karcz.
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Rukkanor - "Requiem for K-141 Kursk" CD BOX 2009
Re-edition of long deleted legendary CDR release. This time comes only in CD box limited to 118 copies! Hand made wooden box.

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Analog Angel (Dr. Strangelove)
Rage In Eden Records announce the signing of Analog Angel, the Scottish band formerly known as Dr. Strangelove. Analog Angel was born out of the 80’s analogue synthesizer revolution and has a sound (and singer) which sound very similar to Depeche Mode as you can hear on the (old) video below. The band started recording new material in December 2008. Check out and for their new tracks. The first full length album will be out soon via Rage In Eden Records.
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Ad Ombra - "Magna Charta Illusorum"
One year after his debut, George D. Stanciulescu returns with a neatly distinguished opus, this time reaching the heights of malignant Drama, in a suite of 12 tracks of majestic excess and voluptuously carven diversity. Elegant and compelling orchestral densities full of sophisticated charm, profound recesses, heart wretching scents of tragedy, viciously intense sopranos effusions, all morphed into a dynamic and ingenious set of cinematic impulses, elite livresque allusions and selected grains of madness. Ultimately emotional dramatic art with an excellent production, not to be missed by the admirers of (post)modern  classical masters, industrial, dark ambient, opera/ethereal voices , Elend, Devil Doll or The Protagonist.
12 tracks, 45 minutes, 3 panel glossy digipack.
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Aethere - "In Coma..."
42 minutes 05 seconds. This is the duration of the album. It will communicate any meter of time. Let us not however be deluded by the spells of this sorcerer; because the first sounds overturn its acknowledged and safe definition and begin construction of different,weirder spaces. This is the last chance to resign and turn back. Otheriwse, when you listen to the end of first track the only thihg left to say is "Toto, I have an impression that we\'re not in Kansas". You begin your own, separate (and the longest?) journey. What do you see on your way? What unknown ladns, traditions, incomprehesible rituals and dialects will you discover? I do not know. But I am sure that if David Lynch will ever undertake the filming of "Alice in the Wonderland" the soundtrack of the movie will be filled with the music from this particular album."Victoire Vrist "Le Figuro". 10 tracks, 42 minutes, CD in digipack.
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