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Kristian Olsson – Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag We Promise To Betray ‎– "Nothing Is As It Seems" Vetropaco ‎– "Vetropaco" Twist Of Fate ‎– "September Winds" AREA BOMBARDMENT – Republic Militia ‎– "Følk XII" Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– "Digression" Antikatechon ‎– Privilegium Martyrii

Outofsight and Hotel de Prusse - "Forgotten.."
I have a pleasure to support with the name of Rage in Eden a publication that discusses Polish province and a bit decadence. It is a short essay about the past and declining relationships between what is now and what has gone in the past. It is about broken relationships between friends who unexpectedly appear in our lives once more. We are connected by one thing – where we come from. You are more than welcome to listen to the album. The album cover was designed by £ukasz Pawlak, REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL.
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March of Heroes - "Liberation" CD
After many years of silence, the next official album of March Of Heroes is finally coming out. March of Heroes has created music similar to their debut album. Still present bombastic percussions, orchestral arrangements and melancholic atmosphere make March of Heroes bravely enter regions of "Toroidh” or "Karjalan Sissit”. The digipack was designed by £ukasz Pawlak, REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL.
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Son of Eris - "Kallisti" digipack CD
In 2005 a postman brought a parcel with Son of Eris CD to the War Office Propaganda. The music was interesting enough for us to make decision about publishing it (WOP 12). Nobody heard from Son of Eris for several years, they did not appeared on other releases or compilations; did not give any interviews; until now.The German group Son of Eris in their new record presents some dark aspects of  Neofolk music. There are clean guitars interlaced with industrial components. Son of Eris – "Kallisti" it is over 60 minutes of music, published as a digipack which was designed by £ukasz Pawlak REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL.
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100 % cotton, info:
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Cold Fusion - "Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt"
"Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt" – the experimental radio engineering outpost created in Germany in July 1940. Cold Fusion’s next record; this time you will find some compositions on the CD that were available earlier on previous publications, i.e. "Parabellum", "63 days", "The Sound Of Nothingness". Additionally, the CD has been enriched with several tracks that have never been published before. Graphic design by £ukasz Pawlak - REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL.
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