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Kristian Olsson – Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag We Promise To Betray ‎– "Nothing Is As It Seems" Vetropaco ‎– "Vetropaco" Twist Of Fate ‎– "September Winds" AREA BOMBARDMENT – Republic Militia ‎– "Følk XII" Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– "Digression" Antikatechon ‎– Privilegium Martyrii

Legionarii - "Europa Rex"
Legionarii - "Europa Rex" enters the listener through its music into the tumult of war, but not wars of the latter, but the battles fought in the times ofRoman Empire. The message of "Europe Rex" is primarily a defense of identity and spiritual rebirth of Europe. There is no compromise, the message is clear and legible. Pure classic martial music, direct references to Toroidh and Arditii. A strong debut.
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Antikatechon - "Chrisma Crucifixorum"
There were no classic dark ambient albums in Rage In Eden recently, so it's highest time to change it. This time I offer 57 minutes of music in this genre. Very interested album, not dominated only by dark sounds (of course they are present), but they are some kind of base for beautiful, trance melodies.   This alternans of melodies and unspecified sounds makes this album to be listen with huge interest. 
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Suveräna - "Vanguard" digipack CD 2012
“Suveräna-Vanguard is a project that refers to a Spanish tragedy, melancholy.” These words were written by Mario – a person responsible for Suveräna music; you can agree with that but finally each of us, listeners can interpret the music in their own way. Certainly the music does not lack some nice melodies, military rhythm and, what I like the most, emotions.
To fulfil my annalistic duty I can mention, that the album was made in 2011 and it is a debut and was created, as Mario put it, “by active members of industrial and neo-classical scene”.
Nothing but listen to, it’s worth it!
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Auswalht - "Paroxysm" digipack CD 2012
France – this country has lately given us a lot of records of military industrial music, e.g. March of Heroes, Liyr, and now a great CD Auswalht. It is not a debut; we have had a chance to hear about Auswalht together with a debut of "History Of Suffering" released by Collapse Of Utopia from China. This time Auswalht has treated us with a great dose of military music. Earlier mentioned projects - March of Heroes and Liyr did not appear there by accident. Auswalht indirectly refers to achievements of two groups while seizing roughness of March of Heroes and Liyr’s atmosphere. What’s worth mentioning is that the music of Auswalht and Liyr was composed by the same person, Sven Mann.
Powerful music, strong recommendation!
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Sect - "Auctoritas" digipack
„Auctoritas” is the next material by Polish project Sect, backed up by £ukasz Maj. The powerful and orchestral instrumentation, which Sect is famous for, was enriched by £ukasz with new accents that have made Sect’s music  ascend a level higher. Sect is offering 55 minutes long feast for fans, who love dark and neoclassical sounds which are interlaced with crazy tunes. Additionally, „Auctoritas” is both a derision and disdain for contemporary authorities that were magically covered with sounds.
The album’s cover has been designed by £ukasz Pawlak, REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL
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