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LEGER DES HEILS – "Imperium" Nordvargr - "The Secret Barbarous Names" IKON - "Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends" (European Version) Psychic TV - "Kondole / Dead Cat" Analfabetism - "Skammen" K.S.K.N.P. - "Death Instruktions" Colossloth - "Heathen Needles" SIEBEN - "Each Divine Spark"

It's been a while since my last activity in the Rage In Eden Records. In the meantime I've got from you a lot of e-mails.

Some of them I have answered, some of them not. Why? In general, I can call it „fatigue”. :-) I just wanted to relax, get some distance to Rage in Eden Records, „ventilate” the company and „ventilate” my head. Luckily this time is behind me.

But what now? First, let me begin with expressing my big thanks and appreciation to all those who supported me through that difficult time, you know who you are. I would like to send some "fuck off" also, but because of my politeness I will skip the names ;-)

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Antikatechon - Woe is the Reward"
Davide Del Col has been working in the specific and uncompromising ritual dark ambient genre since the end of the 90s, this firstly under the moniker of Ornament for a couple of very rare limited editions then as Antikatechon which now represents the highlight of his artistic and stylistic creativity. A first full length album has been published on Silentes Minimal Editions back in 2011, this one provides a very accomplished effort in the realms of hauntingly dark ambient music with a touch of melancholic-spiritual inflected nihilism. Signed on Rage in Eden, "Chrisma Crucifixorum" is an other eloquent and complex release which oscillates between stately gazing drone sequences and original audio treatments, the whole thing surrounded by a sacral aura. 2013 saw the rise of a collaborative effort with the pioneering ethno-noise ambient act Nimh, also from Italy. This musical meeting gave birth to a passionate and typical dark ambient offering. The conceptual-visual background is connected to the visions and powerful painting works of Goya. Davide Del Col presents here his new catchy electronic dark ambient release entitled "Woe is the Reward", welcomed by Rage in Eden Records. A tremendous, entrancing and blasting dark ambient odyssey full of majestic sound sculptures, huge resonances, bleak noises, metallic reverbs and many more. This sonic, soundtracky and "acoustically haunted" ambient symphony will totally enthrall and ravish the listener. Be prepared to this intense sonorous adventure. -- Philippe Blache.
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Horologium - "Labyrinthos"
“The most spiritual men, as the strongest, find their happiness where others would find their destruction: in the labyrinth, in hardness against themselves and others, in experiments. Their joy is self-conquest.”
„Labyrinthos” may be regarded as the musical summary of Horologium’s work thus far, starting with the debut album „The Fire Sermon” and ending with their „Du Grand D¬Úsir”, enclosed within nine new tracks. This full-length takes you on a journey filled with military and ritual drumming, ambient film score muzak, sublime recitation and fiery sound collages. An invitation to the labyrith, marking the tenth anniversary of Horologium, presented by Rage In Eden.
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Satanismo Calibro 9 - "Typhon Rising"
After "Isis Rising", the new album "Typhon Rising" sings deep to the mind. Typhon's time has come to light the fires and rise through the Path of Power. We went beyond fears, reaching Isis, and now it's time to emit our breath and enlarge our minds, straight to Typhon Rising.
Seven tracks and a Death Ritual by Tempio 328, more than 60 minutes for this second chapter of the Rising Trilogy, only for true devotees of Infernal Ritual Industrial.
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I.R.O.N. - "Re-Forge: Metalized..."
We can only give you a faint image of what you should expect from the new I.R.O.N. release, because you need to be there for yourself to experience it. A completely futuristic atmosphere, combined with explosions of old school industrial power, and now with something totally new to this project - a touch of heavy metal. All of this is there to forge a landscape of militarized world of future, where technology aggressively reigns supreme, and where wars are no more waged flesh to flesh, but steel to steel.
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