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Anthesteria - "Eis" Kryptogen Rundfunk - "Liquid Circuits" Creation VI & Uhushuhu - "Δ" Closing The Eternity - "Forever and a Day" REUTOFF "No One's Lullabies" BARDOSENETICCUBE & SHINKIRO "Inner and Outer Space" GITANE DEMONE QUARTET "Past The Sun" ECHO WEST - Pagan City Ghosts

Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt act II

The new series of publications "Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt" (the experimental radio engineering outpost created in Germany in July 1940). The essence of the series is to give unpublished music, sold-out, limited publications, as well as the premiere music. "RV" series will be released in a strictly limited edition of 160 CD copies in a wooden box.
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AUSWALHT - "Pagan Theory"
Martial Industrial, strong recommendation!
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LEGIONARII - "Disciples Of The State"
Disciples Of The State - this magnum opus of Legionarii follows a fictional epic set in an unknown time, in an unknown place...

"...where a unified government which administers the entire planet is arising, and is becoming completelly in control of every aspect of humanity - a totalitarian system governed by the Council of Twelve, headquartered in various key cities in Western hemisphere. The members of the Council are recruited from a secret society, an Order within the very core of The State, which is unknown to the rest of humanity - the assembly of few mysterious Men, calling themselves 'The Disciples'. Nothing is known about this inner and highly obscure Order, except that they are the most powerful Men, Mystics and Sorcerers, in human history so far..."
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Nimh and Antikatechon - "Out Hunting..."
i've got an email from Giuseppe with exciting information, that he recorded together with Antikatechon 49 minutes of sound. It was very intriguing. I haven't heard the music, but my imagination already started. What can we get from fusion of NIMH and Antikatechon? How does it sounds? Who has left the stronger imprint on this album? Is it compact or rather splitted into two different parts? Such questions absorbed my mind. Of course I will not answer now for all the questions, but this what I have listen have been successful beyond my dreams. Both acts are well known and critically acclaimed, and the union of musical sensivities of NIMH and Antikatechon made the album, which...
(RIE97/ EAN-5908256880313)
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I.R.O.N. - "Evolving" digi CD, lim.300
The information, that I.R.O.N and Legionarii is the same person would be pretty good recommendation, but then we could ask why it isn't just next Legionarii album? All the more it is also martial industrial. But, the music on "Evolving" it's different than Legionarii recordings. It's pure domination of industrial and machines, in short - Legionarii is into spiritual sphere of war, while I.R.O.N is technical. And that's the album is. Rhythmical, mechanical, industrial and martial.
(RIE99/ EAN-5908256880290)
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