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DAY BEFORE US - "Nihil Interit" CD 2016
Day Before Us is an ethereal and dark ambient music act formed by Philippe Blache and whose trajectory has involved working across lyrical sound poetry and scores for art events as well as film experiments. The project is notably recognized for its releases published by Rage in Eden, Twilight Records and Opn Records. The emotional content of this new album emphasizes moments of blurry sadness, intimacy, sacrality and evocativeness while the stylistical shape carries on a musical dynamic between atmospheric sound minimalism, brightly devotional then classical singing qualities, orchestrally cinematic harmonies and brooding tones.
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AENDLEX - "Driven By Night" CD 2016
A journey of psych-folk experiences. Aendlex comes back with a work fully recorded in analog, the lyrics have been written in Venezuela and Italy. Take a trip into the highs and lows of these one man band memories...
New CD Aendlex - "Driven by Night" is 52 minutes,14 songs.
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TREFLE NOIR - "Villanelle du Diable" CD 2016
After working with Sven Mann on two LIYR's albums, Alexandra Nordrac started a dark ambient project TREFLE NOIR. Her first album " Villanelle du Diable" leads us into a dark and poetic universe. Inspired by French poetry from the 19th century, the texts lead us through the maze of death, near borders of the afterlife, witchcraft and madness, and all this on a dark and scary music, mixing of soundscapes, drones and percussions.

Trèfle Noir - Villanelle du diable - video
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LARRNAKH - "Necrofolk" digiCD 2016
Rage in Eden Records presents 45 minutes of neofolk, industrial with noise elements. Album also released in a 38 pices of exlusive, wooden boxed bonus disc with 4 previouusly unreleased tracks (+ 20 minutes)
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BLOODSOIL - "Endtimes" BOXCD, ltd. 30
After four years BloodSoil comes back. Endtimes: 6 anthems conforming a new manifesto against the Modern World, a soundtrack for the dark times we must face as civilization.
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