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LEGER DES HEILS – "Imperium" Nordvargr - "The Secret Barbarous Names" IKON - "Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends" (European Version) Psychic TV - "Kondole / Dead Cat" Analfabetism - "Skammen" K.S.K.N.P. - "Death Instruktions" Colossloth - "Heathen Needles" SIEBEN - "Each Divine Spark"

"Kontrapunkt" Radio Alfa
Kontrapunkt is the only true independent and free from any stylistic pressures show in polish radio.
Broadcasted every Friday 10.10 PM to 1.00 AM or even longer in Krakow Radio Alfa 102,4 FM reaching listeners in south Poland, and thanks to stream transmission all over the world.

Todays and next Friday's broadcasts contain a huge load of War Office Propaganda stuff like Harvest Rain, Heaven, Lingua Fungi, The Well of Sadness and others, and contest with some prizes
delivered by WOP label.
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Alle Sagen Ja - "The Voice of Bronze..."
Alle Sagen Ja is a DMH-sideproject in WWII-theme. The music consist out of military drummings, darkambient battlefield sounds, with vocals telling true happened stories and poems taken from the 2nd world war.
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Dead Mans Hill - "The Daemons of Death"
The newest Dead Man's Hill CD contains 8 songs consisting of organic howling sounds, crossed with lots of choirs, strings, horns and trumpets, beautiful clean vocals and usual DMH-percussions. Includes the track "Masks of Egypt", which appeared also earlier on the WOP promo-sampler.
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Live Cold Fusin/Rukkanor, [havrn] - Koszalin
21.10.2006 – „Dziewiatka” club, Koszalin:

Cold Fusion / Rukkanor

concert. Free entrance.
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Temple of Silence II
As we know, the aim of the coverage is to reproduce what we see during a given event, yet music of ToS is extremely difficult to describe. You have to feel it, see it and taste it to appreciate. My words can only sketch a general view of what I have seen and felt.
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