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WOP 30 Cold Fusion - "ORP Orzel" Digipack CD 2006
Cold Fusion "ORP Orzel" CD out now! A long time ago announced, moving musical vision of tragic and romantic history of brave crew of polish submarine. Some fragments of this story was published on Scontrum act III ( WOP 04 - sold out ). Now there is the time to listen whole 45 minutes of this amazing sounds. Music from "ORP Orzel" has been used as a soundtrack to the documentary movie "Legend of the Orzel" produced by Nederlands Film Instituut from Holland. There are four TV stations at the moment that will be broadcast the film in several countries, like ARTE, TV Estonia, TV Poland and Italy. CD released in digipack designed by Michal Karcz. Limited version of 200 copies with additional 20 min. screenprinted CD-R packed in special sleeve with original ORP Orzel sailor's hat rim!
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