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Hot Rain - "Crown of Emotions" Atum Records CD
An interesting debut of electro band from Szczecin, Poland. CDEP, 5 tracks, 23 minutes in the vein of VNV Nation, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk with female vocals.
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Rage in Eden Records - declaration
The world of music is much better and beautiful than world of politics, religions, ideologies and social relations. That is why we have chosen the world of music for our activity. But politics, religions and other ideologies are envious creatures, don't let us to escape from them so easy, they interfere in every activity with their tentacles.  
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Verbum - "Aevum" digipack CD 2007
Verbum is neo-classical and post-industrial project from Spain, based on apocalyptic ambient and ethnic passages, with spoken words in Spanish and Latin. Different instruments from the different parts of the world, piano, violin, orchestral pads, electronics sounds and strange percussions takes out to other dimension. The album consists nine Aevums that speaks about life, about you and me, about us. Each Aevum is a metaphor of one phase of knowlegde that we learn since birth until death. All the feelings of the human being presented in a specific way - like theatrical show. Darkness, sadness and poetry in 64 minutes of words and music.
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Dark Water Memories - "The Rejuvenation..."
The first full-length of Hungarian act DWM. The album provides a dark ambient soundtrack for an Orphean trip across the river of forgetting. Inspired by loss and an urge to design a universal path from the realm of the quick to some destination beyond the stars.
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Rukkanor - "Despartica - Face One"
War Office Propaganda digipack CD 2007
Despartica is a collection of impressions, situations and moments in life. The particular parallel between lyrics based on old poetry, and all this what happens nowadays, creates often the atmosphere of bitter reflection and irony. Desires, beliefs, dreams, emotions, experiences, beauty of life and sight of inevitable death in 19th and 20th Century poems "framed" in varied music, from strong industrial rhythms to romantic ballads with melancholic recitations and singing.
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