ANTIKATECHON - "The Sanctum of Saturation" CD 2018

Antikatechon is one deep sound art and industrial dark ambient music project formed by the Italian based electronic musician Davide Del Col. Antikatechon is one regular and leading blackened ambient project signed by Rage in Eden. 'The Sanctum of Saturation' is Antikatechon's sixth full length release. The stylistic path of this new album ranges from harsh, sinister, fuzzed-out noisy drone ambiences, merged into a clear aural mysticism. Discreet melodiously acoustic tones rise from rumbling walls of noises. The album is divided in two lengthy epic instrumental pieces. Compared to previous Antikatechon's releases it shows a more grimy power electronic direction. 'The Sanctum of Saturation' is one densely emotional and beautifully arranged musical story, an opened window to the netherworld, to icy existential storms and to subtle melancholy. Limited Edition.Tracklist:

01. The Stations Of Servitude
02. The Sanctum Of Saturation
« Wróć
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