Nimh - "Circles of the Vain Prayers" CD 2016

Giuseppe Verticchio (aka Nimh, Hall of Mirrors, Maribor, Twist of Fate…) is known for his high-quality post industrial dronescapes and ethno-ritual sound productions through various technologies, field recordings, noises and treated acoustic instruments. Since 2002 his materials have been notably published by Rage in Eden, Silentes, Malignant, Eibon Records, Naked Lunch Records … Developped around loops, samples and minimal acoustic sequences, this new Nimh album offers thrilling sonic sound rituals with a distinctive aestheticism which embraces the universe of pantheistic, pagan and animist beliefs.The music originally explores the mystical influences, the meaningful sacred energies, dreamlike hypnotic effects obtained by obsessional sound patterns and cyclical rhythms.
« Circles of the Vain Prayers» is a great companion of later works from Nimh, including « Missing Tapes » (Silentes, 2007), « Krungthep Archives » (Silentes, 2011).
Your perfect ambient, entrancing and blackened music pilgrimage to revisit sacred places of foreign small scale societies.



  1.     Circles of the Vain Prayers
  2.     Touching the End
  3.     Violating the Limits
  4.     Srivatsa
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